SUVs with the shortest Length

Compare the Length of various SUVs. The cars on top of this list are the shortest.

Length [mm]Car ModelTrim LevelCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
3665Suzuki Jimny (3.MK) [2 restyling] CrossoverSUVCrossover(3.MK) [2 restyling]2012
3640VAZ (Lada) 4x4 [2 restyling] Crossover21214 SUV 3-dr.Crossover [2 restyling]2009
4011Ford EcoSport (2.MK) CrossoverCrossoverCrossover(2.MK) 2013
4048Chevrolet Niva Facelift CrossoverSUV 5-dr.Crossover Facelift2009
4135Nissan Juke YF15 Facelift CrossoverCrossover 5-dr.CrossoverYF15 Facelift2012
4140Kia Stonic CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2017
4159Peugeot 2008 Facelift CrossoverCrossoverCrossover Facelift2017
4175Suzuki Vitara (2.MK) CrossoverCrossoverCrossover(2.MK) 2014
4191Audi Q2 CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2016
4202SsangYong Tivoli CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2016
4212Opel Crossland X CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2017
4222Skoda Yeti Facelift CrossoverCrossover 5-dr.Crossover Facelift2013
4223Jeep Wrangler JK Facelift CrossoverSUV 3-dr.CrossoverJK Facelift2011
4236Jeep Renegade CrossoverCrossover 5-dr.Crossover 2015
4248Chevrolet Tracker (3.MK) CrossoverCrossoverCrossover(3.MK) 2013
4270Hyundai Creta CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2015
4275Opel Mokka X Facelift CrossoverCrossoverCrossoverX Facelift2016
4294Honda HR-V (2.MK) CrossoverCrossoverCrossover(2.MK) 2015
4295Mitsubishi ASX [2 restyling] CrossoverCrossoverCrossover [2 restyling]2017
4299Mini Countryman F60 CrossoverCooper crossoverCrossoverF602017
4315Renault Duster Facelift CrossoverCrossoverCrossover Facelift2015
4333Renault Kaptur CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2016
4315Nissan Terrano (5.MK) CrossoverCrossoverCrossover(5.MK) 2014
4360BMW X2 F39 CrossoverCrossoverCrossoverF392017
4363SEAT Ateca CrossoverCrossoverCrossover 2016