Sedans with the most Ground clearance

Compare the maximum ground clearance of various Sedans. The ride height is the amount of space between the ground and the lowest point of the car body.

Ground clearance [mm]Car ModelCar SerieCoachwork typeStart of Production
203VAZ (Lada) Vesta SedanCross sedan 4-dr.Sedan2015
190Subaru Legacy (6.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2017
178VAZ (Lada) Vesta SedansedanSedan2015
176Citroen C4 (2.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2016
175SsangYong Chairman W Facelift SedansedanSedan2011
175Peugeot 408 Facelift SedansedanSedan2017
170Peugeot 508 Facelift SedansedanSedan2014
167Ford Fiesta (6.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2013
165Opel Astra J Facelift SedansedanSedan2011
165Honda Civic (9.MK Facelift) Sedansedan 4-dr.Sedan2013
165Renault Scala SedanFamily sedan 4-dr.Sedan2010
165Mazda 6 (3.MK) [2 restyling] SedansedanSedan2017
165VAZ (Lada) Priora Facelift SedansedanSedan2013
165Mazda 6 (3.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2015
165Peugeot 301 (2.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2016
163Volkswagen Polo (5.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2015
161Renault Scala Sedansedan 4-dr.Sedan2010
160Hyundai Solaris (2.MK) SedansedanSedan2017
160VAZ (Lada) Granta Sedansedan 4-dr.Sedan2011
160Toyota Comfort SedansedanSedan1995
160Nissan Almera G11 SedansedanSedan2012
160Toyota Crown S210 Facelift SedanRoyal sedanSedan2015
160Toyota Camry XV50 Facelift SedansedanSedan2014
160Kia Rio (4.MK) SedansedanSedan2016
160Opel Insignia A Facelift SedansedanSedan2013
157Honda Civic (9.MK Facelift) SedanSi sedan 4-dr.Sedan2013
155Toyota Mark X (2.MK) [2 restyling] SedansedanSedan2016
155Nissan Cima HGY51 SedansedanSedan2012
155Renault Logan (2.MK) SedansedanSedan2013
155Mazda 3 BM Facelift SedansedanSedan2016
155Toyota Crown S200 Facelift SedanAthlete sedan 4-dr.Sedan2010
155Kia Optima (4.MK) Sedansedan 4-dr.Sedan2016
155Toyota Crown S200 Facelift SedanHybrid sedan 4-dr.Sedan2010
155Kia Optima (4.MK) SedanGT sedan 4-dr.Sedan2016
155Toyota Camry XV70 SedansedanSedan2017
155Cadillac CT6 SedansedanSedan2016
155Toyota Allion T260 [2 restyling] SedansedanSedan2016
155Hyundai Sonata LF Facelift SedansedanSedan2017
155Toyota Corolla Axio E160 Facelift SedansedanSedan2015
153Renault Latitude Facelift SedansedanSedan2014
152Mazda 2 DE Facelift SedanAU-Spec. sedan 4-dr.Sedan2010
152Infiniti Q70 Y51 Facelift SedansedanSedan2014
151Hyundai Grandeur HG SedansedanSedan2011
151Lexus ES (6.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2015
151Volvo S80 (2.MK) [2 restyling] SedansedanSedan2013
150Toyota Corolla E170 Facelift SedansedanSedan2016
150Kia Cerato (3.MK Facelift) SedansedanSedan2016
150Kia Cerato (3.MK) SedansedanSedan2012
150Toyota Corolla E160 SedansedanSedan2012
150Kia Quoris SedansedanSedan2012