Newest Volkswagen Cars

These are the newest car models of the Carmaker Volkswagen. Click on a model for all the available variations of the vehicle.

Car ModelNumber of variationsCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan (7.MK) 2SedanMK72018
Volkswagen Touareg Crossover (3.MK) 9CrossoverMK32018
Volkswagen Arteon Liftback 8LiftbackMK12017
Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 5 Door (7.MK Facelift)11HatchbackMK7 (Facelift)2017
Volkswagen Golf Variant Station Wagon 5 Door (7.MK Facelift)8Station WagonMK7 (Facelift)2017
Volkswagen Teramont Crossover 6CrossoverMK12017
Volkswagen Amarok DoubleCab Pickup Facelift13PickupMK1 (Facelift)2016
Volkswagen Multivan Minivan T671MinivanT62016
Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover (2.MK) 38CrossoverMK22016
Volkswagen Caravelle Minivan T661MinivanT62015
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback (5.MK Facelift)2HatchbackMK5 (Facelift)2015
Volkswagen Polo Sedan (5.MK Facelift)43SedanMK5 (Facelift)2015
Volkswagen California Minivan T621MinivanT62015
Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Minivan 4 Door T645MinivanT62015
Volkswagen Caddy Minivan 5 Door (4.MK) 267MinivanMK42015
Volkswagen Touareg Crossover (2.MK Facelift)28CrossoverMK2 (Facelift)2014
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan (6.MK Facelift)62SedanMK6 (Facelift)2014
Volkswagen Passat Sedan B828SedanB82014
Volkswagen Scirocco Hatchback 3 Door (3.MK Facelift)3HatchbackMK3 (Facelift)2014
Volkswagen Passat Variant Station Wagon 5 Door B820Station WagonB82014
Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet (3.MK) 13CabrioletMK32012
Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan Minivan (7.MK) 8MinivanMK72012
Volkswagen Golf Variant Station Wagon 5 Door (7.MK) 20Station WagonMK72012
Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback (3.MK) 14HatchbackMK32012
Volkswagen Sagitar Sedan (2.MK) 5SedanMK22012
Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 3 Door (7.MK) 65HatchbackMK72012
Volkswagen Passat CC Sedan Facelift11SedanMK1 (Facelift)2012
Volkswagen Gol Hatchback 5 Door G612HatchbackG62012
Volkswagen Voyage Sedan (3.MK) 6SedanMK32012
Volkswagen Up Hatchback 3 Door 15HatchbackMK12011
Volkswagen Clasico Sedan 2SedanMK12011
Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover Facelift53CrossoverMK1 (Facelift)2011
Volkswagen Eos Cabriolet Facelift9CabrioletMK1 (Facelift)2010
Volkswagen Gol Hatchback 3 Door G4 Facelift8HatchbackG4 (Facelift)2010
Volkswagen California Minivan T5 Facelift38MinivanT5 (Facelift)2010
Volkswagen Suran Minivan 2MinivanMK12010
Volkswagen Phaeton Sedan [2 restyling]9SedanMK1 [2 restyling]2010
Volkswagen Fox Cross Hatchback 5 Door (3.MK) 6HatchbackMK32009
Volkswagen Fox Space Station Wagon 5 Door (3.MK) 2Station WagonMK32009