Roadsters with the biggest car boot

Compare the trunk size of various Roadsters. The cars on top of this list have the biggest boot for luggage.

Maximum trunk volume [Litre]Minimum trunk volume [Litre]Car ModelMinimum weight (lightest version) [kg]Load capacity [kg]Coachwork typeStart of Production
364364Mercedes-Benz SL-class R231 Facelift Roadster3450Roadster2015
335225Mercedes-Benz SLK-class R172 Roadster335315Roadster2011
305305Audi TT 8S Roadster280325Roadster2014
275125Porsche Boxster 982 Roadster225320Roadster2016
230230Ferrari 488 Roadster2300Roadster2016
225225Mercedes-Benz SLC-class R172 Roadster2250Roadster2016
144144Aston Martin Vantage (3.MK) [2 restyling] Roadster1440Roadster2012
8888BMW i8 I12 Facelift Roadster88305Roadster2017
4040Ferrari LaFerrari Roadster400Roadster2013