Hatchbacks with the strongest Engine

Compare the horsepower of Hatchbacks. The cars with the most Horsepower are on top of the list.

Engine power [h.p.]Car ModelCar SerieAcceleration [Seconds]Coachwork typeStart of Production
400Audi RS 3 8VA Facelift HatchbackSportback hatchback4.10Hatchback2017
381Mercedes-Benz A-class W176 Facelift HatchbackAMG hatchback 5-dr.4.20Hatchback2015
350Ford Focus (3.MK Facelift) HatchbackRS hatchback 5-dr.4.70Hatchback2014
300Volkswagen Golf (7.MK) HatchbackR hatchback 5-dr.5.10Hatchback2012
300Volkswagen Golf (7.MK) HatchbackR hatchback 3-dr.4.90Hatchback2012
280Volkswagen Scirocco (3.MK Facelift) HatchbackR hatchback 3-dr.5.50Hatchback2014
280Opel Astra J Facelift HatchbackOPC hatchback 3-dr.6.00Hatchback2011
265SEAT Leon (3.MK) HatchbackSC Cupra hatchback 3-dr.5.90Hatchback2012
265SEAT Leon (3.MK) HatchbackCupra hatchback 5-dr.6.00Hatchback2012
250Renault Megane (3.MK) [2 restyling] HatchbackRS hatchback 3-dr.6.10Hatchback2013
249Ford Focus (3.MK Facelift) HatchbackST hatchback 5-dr.6.50Hatchback2014
231Mini Cooper F56 HatchbackJohn Cooper Works hatchback 3-dr.6.10Hatchback2013
220Volkswagen Golf (7.MK) HatchbackGTI hatchback 3-dr.6.50Hatchback2012
220Volkswagen Golf (7.MK) HatchbackGTI hatchback 5-dr.6.50Hatchback2012
207Opel Corsa E HatchbackOPC hatchback 3-dr.6.80Hatchback2014
204Opel Ampera Ampera-e HatchbackHatchback7.30Hatchback2017
204Kia Cee'd (2.MK Facelift) HatchbackGT hatchback 5-dr.7.60Hatchback2015
204Kia Cee'd (2.MK Facelift) HatchbackPro_cee'd GT hatchback 3-dr.7.60Hatchback2015
200Ford Fiesta (7.MK) HatchbackST hatchback 3-dr.6.70Hatchback2017
200Renault Clio (4.MK) HatchbackRS hatchback 5-dr.6.70Hatchback2012
192Opel Corsa D Facelift HatchbackOPC hatchback 3-dr.7.20Hatchback2010
192Mini Cooper S F56 Facelift HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.6.90Hatchback2018
192Mini Cooper S F56 HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.6.80Hatchback2014
192Mini Cooper S F56 HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.6.80Hatchback2014
185Alfa Romeo Brera HatchbackCoupe9.10Hatchback2005
182Ford Fiesta (6.MK Facelift) HatchbackST hatchback 3-dr.6.90Hatchback2013
180Volkswagen Scirocco (3.MK Facelift) HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.7.40Hatchback2014
170Mini Cooper S F56 Facelift HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.7.20Hatchback2018
165Mitsubishi Lancer X [2 restyling] HatchbackSportback hatchback0.00Hatchback2015
163Mercedes-Benz A-class W177 HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.8.00Hatchback2018
158Toyota Matrix (2.MK) HatchbackXR hatchback 5-dr.0.00Hatchback2009
158Toyota Matrix (2.MK) HatchbackXRS hatchback 5-dr.0.00Hatchback2009
156Mercedes-Benz B-class W246 Facelift HatchbackHatchback8.60Hatchback2014
153Chevrolet Cruze (3.MK) HatchbackHatchback0.00Hatchback2015
152Volvo V40 (2.MK Facelift) HatchbackCross Country hatchback 5-dr.8.30Hatchback2016
150Mercedes-Benz A-class W176 Facelift HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.7.80Hatchback2015
150Peugeot 308 T9 Facelift HatchbackHatchback8.50Hatchback2017
150Hyundai Elantra MD HatchbackGT hatchback 5-dr.0.00Hatchback2010
150SEAT Ibiza (4.MK Facelift) HatchbackFR hatchback 5-dr.7.60Hatchback2008
150DS 4 Facelift HatchbackCrossback hatchback 5-dr.8.60Hatchback2016