Liftbacks with the fastest acceleration

Compare the acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh of various Liftbacks. The fastest cars are on top of the list.

Acceleration [Seconds]Car ModelEngine power [h.p.]Car SerieCoachwork typeStart of Production
3.90Audi RS 7 4G Facelift Liftback560Sportback liftbackLiftback2014
4.60Audi S7 4G Facelift Liftback450Sportback liftbackLiftback2014
4.60Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback330LiftbackLiftback2016
4.70Audi S5 (2.MK) Liftback354Sportback liftbackLiftback2016
4.90Aston Martin Rapide Facelift Liftback558S liftbackLiftback2013
4.90Kia Stinger Liftback370GT liftbackLiftback2017
5.30Audi A7 (2.MK) Liftback340Sportback liftbackLiftback2017
5.40Tesla Model S Liftback367LiftbackLiftback2012
5.50Tesla Model S Facelift Liftback306LiftbackLiftback2016
6.00BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback249Gran Turismo liftbackLiftback2017
6.20BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback258Gran Turismo liftbackLiftback2013
6.50Volkswagen Arteon Liftback240LiftbackLiftback2017
6.50Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback249Sportback liftbackLiftback2014
6.70Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Liftback230RS liftback 5-dr.Liftback2017
6.80Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Liftback220RS liftback 5-dr.Liftback2013
7.40Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback190Sportback liftback 5-dr.Liftback2016
7.60BMW 4 serie F32/F33/F36 Facelift Liftback184Gran Coupe liftbackLiftback2017
8.10Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Liftback150Liftback 5-dr.Liftback2017
8.30BMW 3 serie F30/F31/F34 Facelift Liftback184Gran Turismo liftbackLiftback2015
8.60Skoda Superb (3.MK) Liftback150LiftbackLiftback2015
9.00Skoda Rapid (3.MK) Liftback125LiftbackLiftback2012
9.20Ford Mondeo (5.MK) Liftback160LiftbackLiftback2014
9.40Opel Insignia B Liftback165Grand Sport liftbackLiftback2017
9.90Peugeot 508 (2.MK) Liftback130LiftbackLiftback2018
10.30Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Liftback105Liftback 5-dr.Liftback2013
10.40SEAT Toledo (4.MK) Liftback105LiftbackLiftback2012
11.50Opel Insignia A Facelift Liftback140LiftbackLiftback2013
11.60Skoda Rapid (3.MK Facelift) Liftback110LiftbackLiftback2017
12.20VAZ (Lada) Granta Liftback87LiftbackLiftback2011