Cars with the shortest Length

Compare the Length of various Cars. The cars on top of this list are the shortest.

Length [mm]Car ModelTrim LevelCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
2695Smart Fortwo (3.MK) CabrioletCabrio cabrioletCabriolet(3.MK) 2014
2985Toyota iQ HatchbackHatchbackHatchback 2008
3455Toyota Aygo (2.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(2.MK) 2014
3466Citroen C1 (2.MK) HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.Hatchback(2.MK) 2014
3495Suzuki Alto (5.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(5.MK) 1998
3495Smart Forfour (2.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(2.MK) 2015
3540Volkswagen Up HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.Hatchback 2011
3546Fiat 500 (2.MK Facelift) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(2.MK Facelift)2015
3595Kia Morning (2.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(2.MK) 2011
3595Kia Picanto (3.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(3.MK) 2017
3595Kia Ray MinivanMinivanMinivan 2012
3597Skoda Citigo Facelift HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.Hatchback Facelift2017
3620Ford Ka (2.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(2.MK) 2008
3595Renault Twingo (3.MK) HatchbackGT hatchback 5-dr.Hatchback(3.MK) 2014
3665Suzuki Jimny (3.MK) [2 restyling] CrossoverSUVCrossover(3.MK) [2 restyling]2012
3675Opel Karl HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.Hatchback 2015
3698Opel Adam HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.Hatchback 2012
3640VAZ (Lada) 4x4 [2 restyling] Crossover21214 SUV 3-dr.Crossover [2 restyling]2009
3745Peugeot 108 HatchbackHatchback 5-dr.Hatchback 2015
3785Lotus Elise (2.MK) RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster(2.MK) 2010
3795Toyota bB (2.MK Facelift) MinivanMinivanMinivan(2.MK Facelift)2008
3821Mini Cooper F56 HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.HatchbackF562013
3821Mini One F56 HatchbackHatchback 3-dr.HatchbackF562013
3821Mini Cabrio F57 CabrioletCooper cabriolet 2-dr.CabrioletF572016
3840Suzuki Swift (5.MK) HatchbackHatchbackHatchback(5.MK) 2016