Station Wagons with the strongest Engine

Compare the horsepower of Station Wagons. The cars with the most Horsepower are on top of the list.

Engine power [h.p.]Car ModelCar SerieAcceleration [Seconds]Coachwork typeStart of Production
560Audi RS 6 C7 Facelift Station WagonAvant wagon3.90Station Wagon2014
457Mercedes-Benz C-class W204/S204/C204 Facelift Station WagonAMG wagon 5-dr.4.50Station Wagon2011
450Audi RS 4 B9 Station WagonAvant wagon4.10Station Wagon2017
450Audi RS 4 B8 Station WagonAvant wagon 5-dr.4.70Station Wagon2012
450Audi S6 C7 Facelift Station WagonAvant wagon4.60Station Wagon2014
440Porsche Panamera 971 Station WagonSport Turismo wagon4.40Station Wagon2016
410Alpina B3 F30/F31 Station WagonTouring wagon4.30Station Wagon2013
381Mercedes-Benz CLA-class C117 Facelift Station WagonAMG Shooting Brake wagon 5-dr.4.30Station Wagon2016
350Alpina D3 F30/F31 Station WagonTouring wagon 5-dr.4.50Station Wagon2013
350Alpina D5 F10/F11 Facelift Station WagonTouring wagon5.30Station Wagon2013
333Audi A6 4G/C7 Facelift Station WagonAllroad quattro wagon 5-dr.5.80Station Wagon2014
325Opel Insignia A Facelift Station WagonOPC Sports Tourer wagon 5-dr.6.30Station Wagon2013
250Jaguar XF X260 Station Wagonwagon7.10Station Wagon2015
249Audi A4 B9 Station WagonAllroad quattro wagon 5-dr.6.10Station Wagon2015
245BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Station WagonTouring wagon6.60Station Wagon2013
231Mini Clubman (2.MK) Station WagonJohn Cooper Works wagon 5-dr.6.30Station Wagon2015
230Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Station WagonCombi RS wagon 5-dr.7.00Station Wagon2017
220Volkswagen Passat B8 Station WagonAlltrack wagon 5-dr.6.80Station Wagon2014
220Skoda Superb (3.MK) Station WagonCombi wagon7.10Station Wagon2015
220Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Station WagonCombi RS wagon 5-dr.6.90Station Wagon2013
215Volvo V60 Facelift Station Wagonwagon 5-dr.6.10Station Wagon2013
211Mercedes-Benz CLA-class C117 Facelift Station WagonShooting Brake wagon 5-dr.6.60Station Wagon2016
204Audi A6 C8 Station Wagonwagon0.00Station Wagon2018
194Mercedes-Benz E-class W213/S213/C238/A238 Station WagonAll-Terrain wagon 5-dr.8.00Station Wagon2016
192Mini Clubman (2.MK) Station WagonCooper S wagon 5-dr.7.10Station Wagon2015
190Audi A4 B9 Station WagonAvant wagon 5-dr.7.50Station Wagon2015
190Audi A6 4G/C7 Facelift Station WagonAvant wagon 5-dr.8.20Station Wagon2014
190Volvo V90 (2.MK) Station WagonCross Country wagon8.80Station Wagon2016
184Mercedes-Benz C-class W205/S205/C205 Facelift Station Wagonwagon7.90Station Wagon2018
184Mercedes-Benz E-class W213/S213/C238/A238 Station Wagonwagon 5-dr.8.10Station Wagon2016
181Volvo XC70 (3.MK Facelift) Station Wagonwagon8.80Station Wagon2013
180Volvo V70 (3.MK Facelift) Station Wagonwagon8.70Station Wagon2013
180Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Station WagonCombi Scout wagon 5-dr.7.80Station Wagon2013
180Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Station WagonCombi Scout wagon 5-dr.7.80Station Wagon2017
175Subaru Outback (5.MK) Station Wagonwagon10.20Station Wagon2014
175Subaru Outback (5.MK Facelift) Station Wagonwagon10.20Station Wagon2018
165Opel Insignia B Station WagonCountry Tourer wagon 5-dr.9.90Station Wagon2017
165Opel Insignia B Station WagonSports Tourer wagon 5-dr.9.20Station Wagon2017
163Opel Insignia A Facelift Station WagonCountry Tourer wagon 5-dr.10.10Station Wagon2013
156Mercedes-Benz C-class W204/S204/C204 Facelift Station Wagonwagon 5-dr.8.70Station Wagon2011