Liftbacks with the best Power to Weight Ratio

Compare the Power to Weight Ratio of various Liftbacks. The cars with the most Horsepower per Kilogram Weight are on top of the list.

Power to weight ratioPower to weight ratio (KW)Car ModelEngine power [h.p.]Curb weight [kg]Acceleration [Seconds]Start of Production
3.202.39Tesla Model S Liftback70022393.402012
3.312.47Audi RS 7 4G Facelift Liftback60520053.702014
3.552.65Aston Martin Rapide Facelift Liftback56019904.202013
3.572.66Aston Martin Rapide Facelift Liftback55819904.902013
3.582.67Audi RS 7 4G Facelift Liftback56020053.902014
3.632.70Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback55019953.802016
3.822.85Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback55021003.902016
4.203.13Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback55023103.402016
4.253.17Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback44018704.402016
4.383.27Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback55024103.502016
4.503.36Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback44019804.502016
4.513.36Audi S7 4G Facelift Liftback45020304.602014
4.773.56Audi S5 (2.MK) Liftback35416904.702016
4.773.55BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback45021455.002013
4.923.67BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback45022154.802013
4.993.72Tesla Model S Liftback42121004.202012
5.163.85Kia Stinger Liftback37019094.902017
5.173.85BMW 4 serie F32/F33/F36 Facelift Liftback32616855.002017
5.213.88BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback34017705.402017
5.404.02BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback34018355.302017
5.494.09BMW 3 serie F30/F31/F34 Facelift Liftback32617905.002015
5.504.10Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback33018155.702016
5.564.15Audi A7 (2.MK) Liftback34018905.302017
5.614.18Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback33018505.502016
5.664.22Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback33318855.302014
5.724.27Tesla Model S Liftback36721005.402012
5.764.29Tesla Model S Liftback38021885.402012
5.774.30Skoda Superb (3.MK) Liftback28016155.802015
5.864.37Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback33019355.602016
6.134.57Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback25215456.502016
6.134.57Volkswagen Arteon Liftback28017165.602017
6.134.57Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback32620005.102014
6.164.59Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback32019705.202014
6.174.60Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Liftback23014206.702017
6.264.67Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Liftback23014406.802017
6.284.68BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback32020105.302017
6.314.71Peugeot 508 (2.MK) Liftback22514207.302018
6.344.73Opel Insignia B Liftback26016497.302017
6.394.76Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback25216106.002016
6.474.82Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback24916106.002016
6.484.83Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Liftback22014256.802013
6.494.84BMW 4 serie F32/F33/F36 Facelift Liftback24916155.902017
6.534.87BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback31320455.702013
6.534.87Opel Insignia A Facelift Liftback25016337.502013
6.574.90Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Liftback22014456.902013
6.584.90Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback33021704.602016
6.584.91BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback30620156.102013
6.644.95Tesla Model S Facelift Liftback30620335.502016
6.674.97BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback25817206.302017
6.735.02Kia Stinger Liftback25517176.002017