Roadsters with the shortest Length

Compare the Length of various Roadsters. The cars on top of this list are the shortest.

Length [mm]Car ModelTrim LevelCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
3785Lotus Elise (2.MK Facelift) RoadsterRoadster 2-doorsRoadster(2.MK Facelift)2010
4133Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class R172 RoadsterAMG roadster 2-doorsRoadsterR1722016
4134Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class R172 RoadsterAMG roadster 2-doorsRoadsterR1722011
4177Audi TT 8S RoadsterS roadster 2-doorsRoadster8S2014
4324BMW Z4 G29 RoadsterRoadsterRoadsterG292018
4379Porsche Boxster 982 RoadsterRoadsterRoadster9822016
4385Aston Martin Vantage (3.MK) [2th restyling] RoadsterV12 roadster 2-doorsRoadster(3.MK) [2th restyling]2012
4426Audi R8 (2.MK) RoadsterSpyder roadsterRoadster(2.MK) 2015
4544Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C190 Facelift RoadsterRoadsterRoadsterC190 Facelift2017
4568Ferrari 488 RoadsterSpider roadsterRoadster 2016
4613Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R231 Facelift RoadsterAMG roadster 2-doorsRoadsterR231 Facelift2015
4780Lamborghini Aventador RoadsterLP 700-4 roadsterRoadster 2011
4924Lamborghini Centenario RoadsterRoadsterRoadster 2016