Pickup Trucks with the least Weight

Compare the Weight of various Pickup Trucks. The cars on top of this list are the lightest.

Minimum weight (lightest version) [kg]Car ModelMaximum weight (heaviest version) [kg]Difference [kg]Coachwork typeLength [mm]Start of Production
1087Chevrolet Utility Pickup113043Pickup45142011
1092Chevrolet Montana (2.MK) Pickup10920Pickup45142010
1055Nissan NP200 Facelift Pickup109641Pickup44992009
1847GMC Sierra Pickup2325478Pickup51612002
1915Mitsubishi L200 (5.MK) Pickup193015Pickup52052015
1765Fiat Fullback Pickup1930165Pickup52052016
1968Volkswagen Amarok Facelift Pickup199628Pickup51812016
2000Renault Alaskan Pickup202828Pickup53992015
2020Isuzu D-Max (2.MK) Pickup20255Pickup52952016
2055Toyota Land Cruiser J70 [3 restyling] Pickup214085Pickup52312007
2095Toyota Hilux (8.MK) Pickup215055Pickup53302015
1920Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) Pickup2256336Pickup53622015
2053RAM 1500 Facelift Pickup2522469Pickup58172013
2400Toyota Tundra (2.MK) [3 restyling] Pickup2555155Pickup62952017
2253Nissan Titan (2.MK) Pickup2580327Pickup57942015