Newest Mitsubishi Cars

These are the newest car models of the Carmaker Mitsubishi. Click on a model for all the available variations of the vehicle.

Car ModelNumber of variationsCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
Mitsubishi ASX Crossover [3th restyling]4CrossoverMK1 [3th restyling]2019
Mitsubishi L200 Pickup (5.MK Facelift)5PickupMK5 (Facelift)2019
Mitsubishi XPANDER Minivan 2MinivanMK12017
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Crossover 8CrossoverMK12017
Mitsubishi ASX Crossover [2th restyling]21CrossoverMK1 [2th restyling]2017
Mitsubishi Outlander Crossover (3.MK) [3th restyling]9CrossoverMK3 [3th restyling]2017
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV (3.MK) 6CrossoverMK32016
Mitsubishi Lancer Grand Sedan 4-doors X [2th restyling]10SedanX [2th restyling]2015
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Hatchback X [2th restyling]2HatchbackX [2th restyling]2015
Mitsubishi Outlander Crossover (3.MK) [2th restyling]34CrossoverMK3 [2th restyling]2015
Mitsubishi L200 Pickup (5.MK) 19PickupMK52015
Mitsubishi Outlander Crossover (3.MK Facelift)23CrossoverMK3 (Facelift)2014
Mitsubishi Pajero SUV (4.MK) [2th restyling]11CrossoverMK4 [2th restyling]2014
Mitsubishi L200 Pickup (4.MK) [2th restyling]10PickupMK4 [2th restyling]2013
Mitsubishi eK Space Minivan B11 Facelift12MinivanB11 (Facelift)2013
Mitsubishi eK Custom Minivan B1110MinivanB112013
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV (2.MK Facelift)21CrossoverMK2 (Facelift)2013
Mitsubishi ASX Crossover Facelift59CrossoverMK1 (Facelift)2012
Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback (6.MK) 5HatchbackMK62012
Mitsubishi Outlander Crossover 5-doors (3.MK) 24CrossoverMK32012
Mitsubishi L200 Pickup (4.MK Facelift)11PickupMK4 (Facelift)2011
Mitsubishi Pajero SUV 5-doors (4.MK Facelift)36CrossoverMK4 (Facelift)2011
Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan 4-doors X Facelift59SedanX (Facelift)2010
Mitsubishi ASX Crossover 5CrossoverMK12010
Mitsubishi i-MiEV Hatchback 2HatchbackMK12010
Mitsubishi Outlander Crossover XL Facelift12CrossoverXL (Facelift)2009
Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe 4G Facelift4Coupe4G (Facelift)2009
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Cabriolet 4G Facelift4Cabriolet4G (Facelift)2009
Mitsubishi eK Station Wagon Minivan H82W Facelift4MinivanH82W (Facelift)2008
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini SUV 3-doors H53/58A [2th restyling]3CrossoverH53/58A [2th restyling]2008
Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 5-doors Z30 Facelift14HatchbackZ30 (Facelift)2008
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV (2.MK) 7CrossoverMK22008
Mitsubishi Galant Sedan 4-doors (9.MK) [2th restyling]5SedanMK9 [2th restyling]2008
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Sedan 4-doors X7SedanX2008