Roadsters with the narrowest Width

Compare various Roadsters with the least width. Find the narrowest Roadsters on the market today.

Width [mm]Car ModelCar SerieCoachwork typeStart of Production
1801Porsche Boxster 982 RoadsterGTS roadster 2-dr.Roadster2016
1801Porsche Boxster 982 RoadsterRoadsterRoadster2016
1810Mercedes-Benz SLC-class R172 RoadsterAMG roadster 2-dr.Roadster2016
1810Mercedes-Benz SLC-class R172 RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster2016
1810Mercedes-Benz SLK-class R172 RoadsterAMG roadster 2-dr.Roadster2011
1810Mercedes-Benz SLK-class R172 RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster2011
1832Audi TT 8S RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster2014
1832Audi TT 8S RoadsterS roadster 2-dr.Roadster2014
1832Audi TT 8S RoadsterRS roadster 2-dr.Roadster2014
1850Lotus Elise (2.MK) RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster2010
1865Aston Martin Vantage (3.MK) [2 restyling] RoadsterV12 S roadster 2-dr.Roadster2012
1877Mercedes-Benz SL-class R231 Facelift RoadsterRoadster 2-dr.Roadster2015
1877Mercedes-Benz SL-class R231 Facelift RoadsterAMG roadster 2-dr.Roadster2015
1939Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C190 Facelift RoadsterRoadsterRoadster2017
1942BMW i8 I12 Facelift RoadsterRoadsterRoadster2017
1952Ferrari 488 RoadsterSpider roadsterRoadster2016
1992Ferrari LaFerrari RoadsterCoupeRoadster2013
1992Ferrari LaFerrari RoadsterAperta roadsterRoadster2013
2030Lamborghini Aventador Facelift RoadsterS roadsterRoadster2016
2030Lamborghini Aventador RoadsterLP 700-4 roadsterRoadster2011
2061Lamborghini Centenario RoadsterRoadsterRoadster2016