Pickup Trucks with the fastest acceleration

Compare the acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh of various Pickup Trucks. The fastest cars are on top of the list.

Acceleration [Seconds]Car ModelEngine power [h.p.]Car SerieCoachwork typeStart of Production
7.20Fiat Fullback Pickup180pickupPickup2016
9.30Nissan Titan Facelift Pickup317King Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2007
9.30Nissan Titan Facelift Pickup317Crew Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2007
10.90Volkswagen Amarok Facelift Pickup180DoubleCab pickupPickup2016
11.60Mercedes-Benz X-class Pickup190pickupPickup2017
11.80Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) Pickup160Single Cab pickup 2-dr.Pickup2015
11.80Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) Pickup160Double Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2015
12.00Renault Alaskan Pickup160pickupPickup2015
12.80Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) Pickup160Super Cab pickup 2-dr.Pickup2015
18.00Toyota Land Cruiser J70 [3 restyling] Pickup230Pickup 2-dr.Pickup2007