Pickup Trucks with the most Ground clearance

Compare the maximum ground clearance of various Pickup Trucks. The ride height is the amount of space between the ground and the lowest point of the car body.

Ground clearance [mm]Car ModelCar SerieCoachwork typeStart of Production
287Nissan Titan PickupKing Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2004
272Nissan Titan Facelift PickupKing Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2007
272Nissan Titan Facelift PickupCrew Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2007
270Toyota Tundra (2.MK) [3 restyling] PickupDouble Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2017
270Toyota Tundra (2.MK) [3 restyling] PickupCrewMax pickup 4-dr.Pickup2017
244Nissan Titan (2.MK) PickupSingle Cab pickup 2-dr.Pickup2015
244Nissan Titan (2.MK) PickupCrew Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2015
244Nissan Titan (2.MK) PickupKing Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2015
235Toyota Land Cruiser J70 [3 restyling] PickupPickup 2-dr.Pickup2007
229Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) PickupSuper Cab pickup 2-dr.Pickup2015
229Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) PickupSingle Cab pickup 2-dr.Pickup2015
229Ford Ranger (4.MK Facelift) PickupDouble Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2015
227Toyota Hilux (8.MK) PickupDouble Cab pickupPickup2015
225Isuzu D-Max (2.MK) PickupExtended Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2016
225Isuzu D-Max (2.MK) PickupDouble Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2016
224RAM 1500 Facelift PickupQuad Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2013
224RAM 1500 Facelift PickupCrew Cab pickup 4-dr.Pickup2013
223Renault Alaskan PickuppickupPickup2015
215SsangYong Rexton Y400 PickupSports pickup 4-dr.Pickup2017
205Fiat Fullback PickuppickupPickup2016
205Mitsubishi L200 (5.MK) PickuppickupPickup2015
202Mercedes-Benz X-class PickuppickupPickup2017
192Volkswagen Amarok Facelift PickupDoubleCab pickupPickup2016
177Nissan NP200 Facelift PickuppickupPickup2009
170Chevrolet Utility PickuppickupPickup2011
170Chevrolet Tornado (2.MK) PickuppickupPickup2011
170Chevrolet Montana (2.MK) PickuppickupPickup2010