Liftbacks with the biggest car boot

Compare the trunk size of various Liftbacks. The cars on top of this list have the biggest boot for luggage.

Maximum trunk volume [Litre]Minimum trunk volume [Litre]Car ModelMinimum weight (lightest version) [kg]Load capacity [kg]Coachwork typeStart of Production
1800610BMW 6 Series G32 Liftback1800660Liftback2017
1719584Skoda Superb (3.MK) Liftback1719620Liftback2015
1600520BMW 3 Series F30/F31/F34 Facelift Liftback1600570Liftback2015
1558568Skoda Octavia (3.MK Facelift) Liftback1558542Liftback2017
1537487Peugeot 508 (2.MK) Liftback15370Liftback2018
1505443Hyundai Ioniq AE Liftback1505500Liftback2016
1470530Skoda Rapid (3.MK Facelift) Liftback1470535Liftback2017
1390535Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback1390535Liftback2014
1390535Audi S7 4G Facelift Liftback1390535Liftback2014
1351450Hyundai i30 PD Liftback1351578Liftback2017
1324395Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C190 Facelift Liftback13240Liftback2017
1300480BMW 4 Series F32/F33/F36 Facelift Liftback1300560Liftback2017
1215405Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback1215540Liftback2016
1158406Kia Stinger Liftback1114416Liftback2017
1075530Opel Insignia A Facelift Liftback1075652Liftback2013
891891Tesla Model S Facelift Liftback7450Liftback2016
750435VAZ (Lada) Granta Facelift Liftback750475Liftback2018
563563Volkswagen Arteon Liftback563599Liftback2017
550550SEAT Toledo (4.MK) Liftback550460Liftback2012
535535Audi RS 7 4G Facelift Liftback535510Liftback2014
480480Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback480505Liftback2016
455455Audi S5 F5 Liftback455570Liftback2016