Liftbacks with the biggest car boot

Compare the trunk size of various Liftbacks. The cars on top of this list have the biggest boot for luggage.

Maximum trunk volume [Litre]Minimum trunk volume [Litre]Car ModelMinimum weight (lightest version) [kg]Load capacity [kg]Coachwork typeStart of Production
1800610BMW 6 serie G32 Liftback1800680Liftback2017
1719584Skoda Superb (3.MK) Liftback1719620Liftback2015
1700500BMW 5 serie F07/F10/F11 Facelift Liftback1700630Liftback2013
1600520BMW 3 serie F30/F31/F34 Facelift Liftback1600570Liftback2015
1558568Skoda Octavia (3.MK) Liftback1558645Liftback2013
1537487Peugeot 508 (2.MK) Liftback15370Liftback2018
1470530Skoda Rapid (3.MK) Liftback1470535Liftback2012
1390535Audi A7 4G Facelift Liftback1390475Liftback2014
1390535Audi S7 4G Facelift Liftback1390535Liftback2014
1300480BMW 4 serie F32/F33/F36 Facelift Liftback1300560Liftback2017
1215405Porsche Panamera 971 Liftback1215540Liftback2016
1114406Kia Stinger Liftback1114416Liftback2017
1075530Opel Insignia A Facelift Liftback10750Liftback2013
891891Tesla Model S Facelift Liftback7450Liftback2016
760440VAZ (Lada) Granta Liftback760400Liftback2011
563563Volkswagen Arteon Liftback563607Liftback2017
550550SEAT Toledo (4.MK) Liftback550460Liftback2012
535535Audi RS 7 4G Facelift Liftback535510Liftback2014
480480Audi A5 (2.MK) Liftback480510Liftback2016
455455Audi S5 (2.MK) Liftback455570Liftback2016