7 Seater SUVs

SUVs with Seats for 7 Passengers or more.

Number of seatsCar ModelTrim LevelCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
7Cadillac Escalade (4.MK) Crossover6.2 V8 AT 4WD (409 h.p.)CrossoverMK42014
7Chevrolet Tahoe (4.MK) Crossover6.2 AT 4WD (409 h.p.)CrossoverMK42013
7Chevrolet TrailBlazer (2.MK) Crossover2.8 D AT AWD (180 h.p.)CrossoverMK22012
7Chevrolet Traverse (2.MK) Crossover3.6 AT AWD (318 h.p.)CrossoverMK22017
7Fiat Freemont 345 Crossover2.4 AT (170 h.p.)Crossover3452011
7Ford Expedition (4.MK) Crossover3.5 AT AWD MAX (381 h.p.)CrossoverMK42017
7Ford Explorer (5.MK Facelift) Crossover3.5 SelectShift 4WD (249 h.p.)CrossoverMK5 (Facelift)2015
8Honda Pilot (3.MK) Crossover3.0 V6 AT (249 h.p.)CrossoverMK32015
7Hyundai Santa Fe DM Facelift Crossover2.2 CRDi AT 4WD (200 h.p.)CrossoverDM (Facelift)2015
7Infiniti QX60 L50 Facelift Crossover2.5 CVT AWD Hybrid (231 h.p.)CrossoverL50 (Facelift)2016
7Infiniti QX80 Z62 Facelift Crossover5.6 AT AWD (405 h.p.)CrossoverZ62 (Facelift)2014
7Kia Mohave Facelift Crossover3.0 CRDi AT 4WD (250 h.p.)CrossoverMK1 (Facelift)2017
7Mazda CX-9 (2.MK) Crossover2.5 AT AWD (231 h.p.)CrossoverMK22016
7Mercedes-Benz GLS-class X166 CrossoverGLS 400 4MATIC 9G-TRONIC (333 h.p.)CrossoverX1662015
7Mitsubishi Montero (4.MK) Crossover3.0 AT (175 h.p.)CrossoverMK42006
7Nissan Armada (2.MK) Crossover5.6 AT (395 h.p.)CrossoverMK22016
8Nissan Patrol Y62 Facelift Crossover5.6 DIG AT 4WD (405 h.p.)CrossoverY62 (Facelift)2013
7Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 Crossover2.5 CVT AWD (173 h.p.)CrossoverMK12015
7Toyota Fortuner (2.MK) Crossover2.8 TD AT 4WD (177 h.p.)CrossoverMK22015
7Toyota Highlander (3.MK Facelift) Crossover3.5 AT AWD (249 h.p.)CrossoverMK3 (Facelift)2016
8Toyota Land Cruiser J70 [3 restyling] Crossover4.2 D MT (130 h.p.)CrossoverJ70 [3 restyling]2007
7Toyota Sequoia (2.MK Facelift) Crossover5.7 AT (386 h.p.)CrossoverMK2 (Facelift)2017
7Volkswagen Teramont Crossover3.6 V6 AT 4Motion (280 h.p.)CrossoverMK12017