Newest VAZ (Lada) Cars

These are the newest car models of the Carmaker VAZ (Lada). Click on a model for all the available variations of the vehicle.

Car ModelNumber of variationsCoachwork typeGenerationStart of Production
VAZ (Lada) Vesta Sedan 77SedanMK12015
VAZ (Lada) XRAY Hatchback 54HatchbackMK12015
VAZ (Lada) Vesta SW Cross Station Wagon 5 Door 24Station WagonMK12015
VAZ (Lada) Priora Sedan Facelift26SedanMK1 (Facelift)2013
VAZ (Lada) Priora Hatchback 5 Door Facelift25HatchbackMK1 (Facelift)2013
VAZ (Lada) Priora Station Wagon Facelift14Station WagonMK1 (Facelift)2013
VAZ (Lada) Kalina NFR Hatchback 5 Door (2.MK) 106HatchbackMK22012
VAZ (Lada) Largus Station Wagon 5 Door 113Station WagonMK12012
VAZ (Lada) Kalina Station Wagon 5 Door (2.MK) 135Station WagonMK22012
VAZ (Lada) Granta Sport Sedan 4 Door 139SedanMK12011
VAZ (Lada) Granta Liftback 81LiftbackMK12011
VAZ (Lada) 4x4 2329 Pickup 2 Door [2 restyling]3MK1 [2 restyling]2009
VAZ (Lada) 4x4 21214 SUV 3 Door [2 restyling]86CrossoverMK1 [2 restyling]2009